Perreault Performance Products Inc. (PPP). was founded in 1996 by Rick Perreault in a small shop in Allyn, Washington. Rick had recently graduated from the Vehicle Research Institute at Western Washington University and was club racing motorcycles with support from MVR (Mike Velasco Racing in Bremerton, Washington) in the WMRRA (Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association) and OMRRA (Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association) series. Rick had developed a passion for design and manufacturing at a young age, which accelerated while in school and became a necessity, needing go-fast parts, while racing on a budget. PPP soon moved into the MVR Shop in Bremerton, where Rick learned how to build race bikes the Velasco way and began perfecting his skills in designing, building trick parts and testing them. Rick started to learn what “trick” really meant. Although “trick” often means expensive, PPP became well known for providing quality products at a reasonable price. PPP is now located in Lynnwood, Washington.

PPP specializes in design, prototype, development and short run production using a HAAS VF2 3axis CNC Mill and Mastercam for CAD/CAM. PPP has developed products for motorcycles since the beginning. With a strong emphasis in complete customer satisfaction, products have been designed, prototyped, tested, produced, and delivered ready for the retail market. In addition to PPP’s product line Rick has helped small businesses bring their products to market. From an innovative dirt bike foot peg, MVR rearsets and Handcuff clipons, lathe tooling, to fishing reels. With the fishing reel project, Rick helped the customer take a napkin sketch of a stamped steel fishing reel from the mid-1900s, to machined from billet, anodized and in production. PPP also provides custom design and machining with some designs resulting in a one-off prototype for a hot rod car or custom bike.

A quick note about our vintage bike clipons: Some years ago a friend of Rick’s and a CB160 racer asked him to design clipons for the WMRRA Formula 160 racers. The problem; they wanted a modern billet clipon, similar to the ones Rick was making for modern sport bikes, yet for the 30mm fork tube of the CB160 and a price target of $125. Rick told him to get 10 or 15 racers together and he’d give it a shot. We don’t remember if Bobby actually got 15 racers for that first run but we’ve sold many more than that with some going as far as Australia. Rick has continued to improve the design from racer feedback which is how the extended offset clipons were created. Tim O, a very fast F160 racer and champion, wanted to go faster and had found the more he loaded the front-end the faster he went. He asked Rick to design a larger-offset clipon in 31mm for his CB175 which of course helped Tim O find more speed and later others around the country as well. Another benefit is the increased elbow to knee room when in a tuck which has brought some street riders seeking better fit. Tim O like many vintage racers was quick to share his idea and happy that other racers went quicker as well.

PPP has provided high precision machining for industrial laser research. And like many small shops PPP has gained valuable production experience providing off load machining support for a large shop.

Rick has strived to solve the problem of going faster be it on the track or with products to market. Helping customers quickly turn their ideas into tangible prototypes and then production.

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